The Alert Industry and Thermoplastic Commerce of Ltda.

The biggest manufacturer of Latin America of injected prismatic refletivos in acrylic. Detainer of other patents for manufacture of products injected in most diverse plastics of engineering. The first not metallic hinge for civil construction placed in the world-wide market in 1997.

With high resistance mechanics certified in these seven years, taking care of the Brazilian market. This product comes if becoming the best option in hinges for civil construction, as much for the price as for its special characteristics that they take care of with satisfaction the littoral regions that propitiate the attack of the oxidation to its competitors.


What it is Poliacetal?

A crystalline thermoplastic polymer offering to high resistance final mechanics, rigidity and tenacity on a great band of temperature and ways of application. It supplies high performance in applications where if it desires stability dimensional, inherent lubricidade, basic resistance to solvent the organic ones, products and to the hot water. Supplied in a wide band of Index of fluidity, strengthened with glass staple fibres and other loads, as well as coloring. Antiestátícos types exist, give low attrition, electric, resistant conductors to intempéries and the ultraviolet one, high rigidity and high tenacity (with elastomers). It possesss approval of some agencies, such as ASTM, UL, FDA, NSF and DIN.

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3Zero is registered mark of the Alert Industry and Thermoplastic Commerce of Ltda.
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